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Masa! <3


because clean is dirty and dirty is clean.

Wishes on the Wind, Requests from the Moon.
Masa! &lt;3

Comment to be added. ♥

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comment to be added ba? ikung ganun...

keep me? *puppy eyes* I will commet. XD


i swear, if you don't keep me, i will stab you with my rubber dagger - no excuses.

but i'm sure i'm kept. am i?

*huggles joo* YOU SHALL BE KEPT ~

(because she is afraid of teh rubber dagger, XD wahhaha~ just kidding)of COURSE, you influenced me to LJ and also gave me my username DUH, of COURSE i'll keep joo~

nice pic ^_^
and can you keep me?:)

OMG Ryua?

er..*is nervous* you might blackmail me with all the stuff i wrote in here but...

*keeps you*

Hullo. Uh, I moved to kimiessu. XD; Tried commenting with that account but you disabled the comments to be friends-only, so... XD;

Yeah, just so you know. *beam*

OMG i noticed this ONLY NOW? WTF?!

well, i added you earlier on anyway XD

Hey tanteicchi! I don't get this post much but sure I'll comment! That's a really cool thing you made there... O_o Cap'n Jack Sparrow! XD Cool. I wonder what this is all about...Tell me! =(

~see you space cowboy...~

Aw...I'm your friend! ...right? So why can't I view your Lj? D= Add me tanteicchi! D=

~see you space cowboy...~

i'm seeing this really, rea~lly late, aren't I? T_T gomen! nya can I add you *if you are not mad at me that is? ^^*


i'm so sorry nya T_T i didn't go to my main blog for so long *cry*

i'll add you now i suppose--if youre not mad at me T_T

*hugs* not at all mad at you! xDDDD ^^ things were pretty messy for you at that time, weren't they? hope every things better now! ^^

halloo tessa! :D angelica candano here :)

Heya Tessa! Ria here. Hope it's ok if I add you. :)

okay then, i'll add you as well. :)

after much thought...added :))

Hey Tessa! This be Fish. ;)

Hii *_*/ probably you don't know me. Sorry If I jump here without notices, but I just noticed (even thanks to your nick) that you like Tantei Gakuen Q! I don0t know much people who like this anime/manga/drama (but I prefer the drama version), so I was wondering... do you mind if I friend you? XD'

this is Katou Miharu from plurk :P

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