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Name: Tessa, a.k.a. Shiz
Gender: Female. Age: 20.
Current Location: Philippines
Zodiac sign: Aquarius. Blood type: O
Occupations: a struggling student, tortured fanfic writer, amateur detective.
Art Journal: http://frozen-rhapsody.livejournal.com
Johari window: http://kevan.org/johari?name=shizu-chan

layout: Niou and Yagyuu image drawn and colored by me. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL KTNX.

For a more personal touch....and to make this profile seem less like a bio-data...

I'm Tessa. Others know me as Shiz. Fanfiction.net goers know me by the penname rhapsodizing riyoko. The TGQ Message boards know me as alegna. But underneath all those aliases I am still me.

I'm a stubborn, sarcastic, cynical, cold person, sometimes to the extent that people may call me hard-hearted. I have quite a sharp, witty tongue and i possess a straightforward and frank nature. Some people are drawn to me for it, others are driven away or pissed off at my sarcasm.
I can be very cold in certain circumstances, and other times be heated and excitable.

I am messy person who can go all out in cleaning every once in a while.

I'm weird.

I'm quite the lazy-ass, but when seized with a compulsion due to emo or excitement, I write, draw, play with Photoshop, work on my piano and violin playing, or even create pieces of jewelry.

I love coloring manga in Photoshop. yes, coloring manga is the BEST way to waste time.*swt*

I am obsessed with Mythology. I am possessed by Astrology.

I have an extreme passion for mysteries and detective work, and would love to bury myself in them.
Sherlock Holmes is one of my idols in the art of deductive reasoning, and I have yet to peruse more of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen and Carter Dickson on this subject.

On a seemingly obvious note, I am an anime and manga fangirl. I became a full fledged obsessee in my third year of high school, when I developed an obsession with Detective School Q and Detective Conan on Animax (WOE for unprofessional english dubs T_T). While Detective School Q holds a very special place in my heart, i also love Saiyuki, BLEACH, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note (only watched the live action movies though), Prince of Tennis, The Ouran Koukou Host Club(manga) and Yakitate!Japan(manga).

...I support yaoi. Don't know what it is? Don't know what the words seme and uke mean? Well, find out for yourself--I'll probably traumatize your poor innocent mind.
Don't make me hurt you for screaming at me about it. XD

I know I don't appear so, but I am in reality a very shy and introverted individual.

I value my privacy.

I have a thousand facets cut into my exterior.

Which is why my journal is Friends-Only. If you want to add me, I'd be very glad if we had at least some interests in common.

My Random Fandoms


Pirates Blog Crew

I'm doing a role-play of Kyoya Ootori(imrichph34rme) at ouranparody. I rarely post though, causing the Host Club a lot of problems. XD

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